Career Counselling

Every day new careers and professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want to do all of them, you will have to prioritize and choose the best option for you. As it’s rightly said, it’s not just enough to take the right decisions; it is also important to make them at the right time.

Wiz lead strongly believes that every job-shift must add value to one's career. Our experience in recruitment and in depth knowledge of careers can help you manage your career-progression better. You can rely on us to guide you to the best possible course of action.

If you are not sure about what you can or should aspire for, you can benefit from our Career Counselling service. Career Counselling at Wiz lead would help you:

  • Choose the right career option
  • Identity your core strengths, abilities, interest, aspirations and weaknesses
  • Aid you in making an objective assessment of the situation
  • Scope of a course or a career that you are pursuing or planning to pursue in India or abroad

To avail counselling service to help you in career planning, career change, job shift; get answers to your questions about career options, timing of changes, compensation, salary structure, industry standards, emerging industries, please get in touch with us on