Group Profile

“Wiz Lead Management Services Pvt. Ltd.” is the flagship company of Wiz Lead group. The Group was formed in 2004 as a recruitment consulting company by young IIM & ICAI professionals. The company specialized in providing high-end recruitment services across the industry verticals.

We started our journey with a small team, which today forms the nucleus of our group and has helped the group not only achieve the laid down objectives at the start but also became the key differentiator in diversifying the group.

Today Wiz Lead Group has diversified interests and operates in the following domains

Wiz Lead Management Services Pvt. Ltd. has evolved itself as a leading end-to-end HR solutions company. The company carries a vision to be a global enterprise by shaping careers. It established itself as a renowned brand in Manpower Recruitment Solutions catering to top MNCs across India.

We at Wiz Lead understand that talent competition is one of the most important challenges that organizations are facing today. The ability to effectively identify and attract talent is a tactical advantage- in a highly competitive, global & growing market. It is this core capability that will drive the strategic success of any enterprise. Like any other business process successful talent acquisition demands continuous innovation.

It is difficult to explain what a fine talent we have. To be able to get an insight in to your requirements goes beyond mere understanding, the ingenuity, with which we find people, is not a skill that we learnt; Wiz Lead was born with it. The intensity of our focus burns everything that comes in our way.

While we systematically follow a structured process for networking and head hunting people, the best "catch" often comes from a creative leap. The quality of our work cannot be analyzed. It is an experience. Like artists we practice and improve every day and that shows.

“Shaping Careers is an Art

For some it is a hobby. For many it is a Profession.

For us it is a Passion”