Management / Business Consulting:

Today, the Business Management Consultancy division of WLMS provides end-to-end consultancy projects in the areas of:

  1. Business Expansions
  2. Growth Strategy Formulation & Implementation
  3. Commercial Due Diligence
  4. Market assessment
  5. Go/No-Go Study, Go-To-MarketStrategy
  6. Business Process Management i.e. BPA (Business Process Analysis), GAP Analysis, BP Restructuring, BP designing and BP Automation.
  7. FormulatingKPIs for all the departments.
  8. Digital Enterprise Transformation
  9. Business Reengineering: Front-Leading Process Re-engineering
  10. Defining Continuous Improvement Processes
  11. Setting-up Outsourcing Model
  12. Strategic Planning: Strategizing Solutions & Executing Excellence
  13. Post Implementation/Roll Out Assessments
  14. Creation of industry benchmarked SOPs.
  15. Overall solution recommendations in a wide variety of business areas.

Key functional areas wherein services are provided are:

  1. HRM
    1. Recruitment process consulting.
    2. Remuneration design.
    3. Organization structure design and restructuring.
    4. HR laws.
    5. Roadmap for achievement of strategic goals.
  2. Qualitative and quantitative research.
  3. Commercial business models.
  4. Commercial laws.
  5. Warehousing, logistics and inventory.
  6. Customer service management.
  7. Sales management consulting.
  8. ITES like ERP, CRMs, POS, BI, mobile/cloud apps.
  9. Real estate operations and law.

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