Executive Search and Selection

Wiz lead understands clients’ needs, have a dedication to value-added relationships with clients and a commitment to excellent client service. The purpose of this service is to achieve the optimization of the fit between the clients’ needs and the potential employees’ capabilities, in the most cost-effective way possible.

The Executive Search & Selection Service is used in order to, recognize our client’s needs and assist in identifying and assessing suitable candidates who best match their requirements and organizational culture. The Executive Search & Selection Service includes a proven, step-by-step process based on a structured and systematic approach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented.

The search process we follow keeping in mind our key business values of Speed and Quality is:

  1. Develop an Understanding of the Organization. We gain insight by an initial discussion with the client and understand their recruitment needs, organization’s history, culture and operating structure. To effectively represent the client in this search, Wiz Lead tries to be as knowledgeable as possible about the client and its operating culture prior to discussing the position with prospective candidates. We always look forward to meet everyone in the client’s organization who can add to this knowledge base.
  2. Develop Position Specification. A draft position specification is developed based on our discussions with the client. This Confidential Position Specification serves as an information piece to be given to serious candidates for the position and describes the key success factors and priorities of the position, as well as candidate specifications including competencies, experience, and personal qualities being sought. This is not only a way of summarizing our understanding, but is the key marketing tool we use in attracting prospective candidates. The position specifications are reviewed with the client and a sourcing strategy is developed for every position.
  3. Identify Qualified Candidates. We begin to search for candidates by the following activities:
    • Targeted Research: We identify an extensive list of target companies and research the organization structure in the appropriate functions. Selected individuals will be approached to determine their potential fit with the position requirements and their interest in this position.
    • Database Review: Mining of our own developed database and contacts, which contains a wide variety of useful, job-related information and contacts of a broad cross-section of successful executives.
    • Direct Sourcing: Wiz Lead also contacts individuals previously identified in appropriate industry sectors to discuss the search and to obtain their referral to individuals who could be candidates for the assignment.
  4. Assessing the short listed Candidates to Assess Strengths and Limitations. The details of all the candidates available are assessed to ensure the suitability to the client’s requirement and conducting the preliminary interviews of the candidates to obtain a realistic understanding of their accomplishments, skill sets, behavioral characteristics, motivations and growth potential. The candidates are evaluated to determine their strengths and any limitations they would bring to the position. We focus on Quality and not on the quantity of resumes that we send to the client.
  5. Present Best-Qualified Candidates to Management. The individuals best qualified for this position are presented to the partner client in person for consideration. A comprehensive resume describing past work experiences and education is presented to the client for each candidate we recommend. A constant follow up is done with the prospective candidate and feedbacks are taken from the client. We report progress by telephone & mails and meet with the client personally, when appropriate, to review progress on the assignment. We learn and refine our search strategy, based on the feedback you give us on rejected candidates.
  6. Conduct Reference Checks on Successful Candidates. Once a finalist candidate has been identified and a contingent verbal offer made, if the client requires we can also provide a verification of the educational credentials and the references of the candidate.
  7. Facilitate Offer Negotiation. Once a candidate is chosen, we can also assist the clients in recruiting the individual into the position and into the company. Upon request, we can also help to construct a competitive employment offer based on realistic market data and compensation strategy of the client. We can present the offer and explain it to the chosen candidate. Throughout this part of the search process, we always represent the clients and act in accordance with their directions.